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Sunday, October 2, 2011

"The Vine" by Sister Miriam Pollard, OSCO

Thank you to Phillip and Karen Kempf for sharing this with us in your wedding program. I was dripping with tears when I read this at your nuptial Mass. What a beautiful vocation marriage is.

The grapes over his head grew fragrant in the sun
as God went off to the lake with a stolen rib.
He sculpted it with tender skills..
"Woman," he said, and breathed
an April morning into her,
and snowfall and the scent of cinnamon,
warm winds playing on the edge of dawn
and strong tides of the sea.

Then his urgent fingers drew into her eyes
the violet stars that shimmered deep in his.
"My daughter, you will see where he cannot."

The man stirred, for across his dreams fell the voice of God.
"Wake up, wake. I have brought to you another kind of morning."

"Flesh of my flesh," sang the man. "Bone of my bone.
Companion and wife, mother and friend," said the man.

"God in your eyes," said he.
"God in your eyes," said the woman.

"She will your monring, when the night goes on too long,"
said God.

They walked together then, the three,
past the arbor, past the wheat field,
over a brook that wandered off into a wood.
The hill they climbed was higher than they knew.

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